About Elizabeth


I am a pastor. I am a writer. I am a wife. And I try to be a good friend. I am a fan of building community through social media. And, often it is said that I make folks disciples of twitter. I love cheering for Duke basketball (where I went to seminary), baking, long conversations that aren’t hurried. I currently serve as the Ambassador of Social Advocacy as part of the PR team at Feed The Children.

I love beautiful sentences, great memoirs and the thought of publishing my own book one day.

I’m married to the fabulous, Kevin Hagan who happens to be the President of Feed The Children, a non-profit committed to education, feeding and better health care around the world for children and families which is based in Oklahoma City, OK.

You can read more about me here.

Currently, I divide my time between two political and religious extremes: Washington, DC and Oklahoma City. Such geography makes life interesting for sure!

I’m ordained in the Baptist tradition but not your traditional Baptist, most calling this Baptist group my home.

I am very interested in Interfaith dialogue and non-judgmental conversations among those seeking church outside the walls of church. I have often done weddings, funerals and other commitment ceremonies for those who aren’t a member of a particular congregation, but who want a pastor too. (I love being this kind of pastor!) In my preaching, teaching and writing, I seek to point to the beauty in the traditions in what others who have come before us have treasured and taught us, but bringing new light to the old.

I’m excited about the journey with you, my online community of friends,

Feel free to contact me at elizabethevanshagan at gmail dot com if you’d like to take the conversation off-line.

Note: that any comments I share on this blog are solely my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my denomination (American Baptist USA), the schools where I have degrees (Samford University or Duke Divinity School), my family members, my husband’s place of employment or all people of faith.

15 Responses to “About Elizabeth”

  1. Hey Elizabeth!

    We had an awesome weekend visiting with you and your congregation! We all feel so energized and encouraged!

    I wondered if some of your folks would like to join with us to attend a Harvest of Hope Intergenerational weekend in Fincastle, Virginia in September. I don’t know if you are familiar with the Harvest of Hope. It is an educational and gleaning event, very Christian and sponsored by the Society of St. Andrew. Check it out at endhunger.org search for Harvest of Hope. This will be our third year to go and we are taking two groups to two different weekend events. It is life changing!!! This would be a great way for our congregations to stay connected.

  2. Nice to find you. Hope all is well in your ministry. Blessings!

  3. So….Elizabeth……I guess I need to just dedicate a morning to reading all the articles in your archives. I certainly enjoyed the few I have had time to read this morning. You were such an inspiration during your stay at New Sharon and you continue to be…even from a distance. Many times Kenny and I think of you and how much we enjoyed the twinkle in your eye and your enthusiasm. May God continue to richly bless you!

  4. Elizabeth–Great article on “being off duty.” I passed it out to my Formation for Ministry class, as we have been discussing boundaries. Keep up the great work. Your alma mater is very proud!

  5. Elizabeth,
    Reading your story here touched me. Thank you for sharing a snap-shot of your journey and how God’s led you. I’m inspired to see a woman who’s come out of a tradition where one’s gifts weren’t seen or honored and moves with strength and grace into a new space.
    I spent 12 years working for a denomination I loved in many ways, but eventually had to leave because God’s calling me to ordained ministry wouldn’t keep quiet. I’m now joyfully in the thick of seminary and regularly stop in amazement for all that God is opening and moving in and around me. It’s an exciting journey and I’m curious what God has in mind!
    I look forward to following your blog and your journey.
    Peace and blessings,

  6. I just found your blog. Your journey of faith as a pastor and a person is a lot closer to its beginning point than mine. What I mean is I’ve been “pastoring” in the Presbyterian tradition for a little over 25 years, out of a second career background that led me to seminary and ministry in my mid-late 30s. You appear to be a far-wiser person at your early stage of ministry than I was back in my earlier days of being a church “professional” (and maybe still less wise in my early 60s than you are today). In any case, thank you for sharing your viewpoints and sense of ministry and of what it means to be a human being here in your blog. For those of us like myself who are still working on these things, or just discovering more work is needed, this is a true breath of fresh air or Holy Spirit that is blessedly refreshing. Merry Christmas to you, even if you and your Music Director are the only two in worship on Sunday. Have a safe and joyful journey to wherever your family may be gathering to celebrate love, remember old and make new memories, and mark our Lord’s birth.

  7. Bravo & bless you for your journey, your spirit of authenticity, for your courage, for your openness expressed here, and for the recognition that social media is a must for communicating our messages, whatever they may be in this complex modern world. And especially, I appreciate the nod toward universalism. I’ve been there for going on 27 years and it was through my work as an 11-year communicator with Southern Baptists that I realized that for me, my truth, is how arrogant (my judgment) we’d be (are) to say that there is but one way for all of God’s people to know him/her. It is my truth that we must shift from this old paradigm of exclusitivity to unite as the One of all God’s people going forth in this new world of greater change. Eckhart Tolle was spot on in his book, A New Earth.

  8. Dear Elizabeth,
    Thank you and I thank God for you and your willingness to be the vessel to deliver me the right message at the right time.
    …and thank you to Anna (#5).
    I have been going through. I receive my call to ministry a couple of years ago. I immediately began seeking teachers and then went to school.
    Things have been so crazy. I would tell you it all but that type of information is only harmful.
    I thank you for your testimony because it gives me encouragement.
    —re: license and ordination
    May God continue to bless and guide you.

  9. Hey Elizabeth,

    Just read your article on ABP…What an awesome perspective! I am currently researching Digital Literacy and the church for my Christian Ethics Class. Would love to follow you on Twitter! What’s your username?


  10. Elizabeth:
    How can church partnership in one of these efforts?
    We’re located at the west side of downtown San Antonio, hispanic probably 90%. the church is partially assimilated to Anglo-Culture, language can be an obstacle.
    We need some guidance to take the first step!

  11. Bernie- are you speaking of the work of Feed The Children? Feel free to contact me offline at the address listed above or check out Feed The Children’s website: http://www.feedthechildren.org

  12. hi. I have just stumbled upon your blog, and in passing decided to see your “about me” profile. I hope you will excuse the intrusion, but wanted to know if you could please clarify this statement (for me), in regards to what you believe. “I’ve come to believe that the Christian path is not the only way to God, but confidently claim Jesus for me.” I felt initial concern over the statement, as scripture is clear about how to see Him and live with Him for eternity, but… I wanted to make sure I was not misunderstanding you. I have no intention of debate, by the way, Just a sister wanting to understand a statement that can cause questions in minds. Thank you.🙂

  13. I hope you don’t mind me asking… Thank you.


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