Elizabeth’s International Experiences

I love travel. I love getting to know new cultures. I love figuring out how my world view needs to change after I’ve seen and experienced a new part of our wonderful world!

Over the years, I’ve spent time in Kenya, Tanzania, St. Vincent, Burma, Thailand, Uganda, Rwanda, Israel, Argentina, Malawi Guatemala and the Philippines for shared learning and service experiences. And gone to places throughout Europe for fun and even went to Fiji for my honeymoon. Though I don’t have record of all of these trips on the blog– I wanted to point you to some of the most memorable ones.

Interfaith Delegation of Peace to Israel: January 2011

Pre-Trip Post: “Israel or Bust”

Post #1 “Getting to Know You Jerusalem Style”

Post #2 “Wailing Women”

Post #3 “There’s More than Just One Side.”

Post #4 “There’s More than One Perspective” (Kevin Hagan, guest writer)

Post #5 “Ten Thoughts for Thursday”

Post #6 “Telling the Story Through Pictures.”

Post #7 “Sabbath Wrestling”

Post #8 “Being with Christians in Galilee”

Post #9 “Thoughts from Tel Aviv”

Post #10 “Sigh, Back at Home”

The Sermon in Response to the Trip Preached the first Sunday back: “Be Blessed”

My fellow travelers also blogged while we were away. To read more, click on the CRDC’s Website.

In June of 2012, my husband, Kevin, became the CEO/ President of Feed The Children— a large international and domestic organization committed to providing life’s basic essentials to those in need.

With Feed The Children in Kenya and Malawi: August 2012

Post #1: Hunger: Up Close in Africa

Post #2: In Kenya With Gratitude

Post #3:  The Spirituality of International Travel

Post #4: How Are We Going to Meet These Needs?

Post #5: Why Do You Do This Work?

Post #6: Dance Your Dance

Post #7: Who Is Really Poor?

Post #8: Communion With Cake

Adventures in the Philippines with Feed The Children, November 2012

Post #1: Poverty, Travel and Perspective

Post #2: The Slums

Post #3: A World of Contrasts

Post #4: Mission Trips That Aren’t Just Trips

Post #5: A Life That Counts

Adventures in Guatemala with Feed The Children, May 2013

Post #1: We All Have Pain

Post #2: When You’ve Just Got to Say Wow

Post #3: And It All Goes Back to Candy

Post #4: You Don’t Speak English, What?

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