Elizabeth’s Publications Elsewhere

Book Contributor:

This is What a Preacher Looks Like, Pam Durso, Editor, Published by Symth and Helwys, 2010

Sermon: “God Give Us Vision”

The Modern Magnificat, Jennifer Dault Harris, Editor, Nurturing Faith Publishing, 2012

Chapter Contribution

Baylor University, Center for Christian Ethics Lent, 2013 “Remember Our Dust”

Provoketive Magazine:  “The Gym and the Church: I Can’t Get to Either”  October 26, 2011

Baptist Today: “An Imam, a Rabbi and Two Pastors Go to Israel” May 2011

“Baptists at the White House: Delegation discusses partnerships beyond politics” April 2012

Lewis Center for Church Leadership: Leading Ideas (3/30/11)  “What does a Pastor Do?”

Ethics Daily: “Why We All Want Government to Fix ‘Us'”  March 14,2012

“During Lent, Stay Focused on the Big Picture” March 26, 2012

“What Makes Some Christians So Crazy?” May 3, 2012

The Invisible Poor In Your Own Backyard: April 11, 2013

With the Associated Baptist Press:

November 26, 2013: Opinion: “Two for the Price of One.”

April 19, 2013: Opinion: “Out of Season”

March, 4, 2013: Opinion: I Left the Church. Don’t Hate Me.

December 5, 2012: Opinion: The Mystery of Advent

October 11, 2012: Opinion: Re-thinking pastor appreciation

March 23, 2012: Opinion: Can We Tell the Truth?

January 31, 2012: Opinion: Our Bodies Do Matter

December 21, 2011: Opinion: How Merry Can Your Pastor’s Christmas Be?

October 18, 2011: Opinion: What Twitter Can Teach the Church

September 15, 2011: Opinion: Take a Leap of Faith

July 6, 2011: Opinion: The Conversation No One Wants to Keep Having

June 14, 2011: Opinion: What ‘They’ Think of Baptists

May 3, 2011: Opinion: Easter PSA

March 25, 2011: Opinion: Love’s Hard Calling

February 4, 2011: Opinon: Our Brothers, Our Sisters, Our Friends

January 24, 2011: Opinion: Wailing Women

December 8, 2010: Opinion: Love, Your Favorite Heretic

November 11, 2010: Opinion: Behind the Wizard’s Curtain, Humans

October 20, 2010: Opinion: Being Off Duty as a Pastor and Reprinted on Call and Response Blog (Duke Divinity Faith and Leadership)
Fidelia’s Sisters: A Online Journal for Young Clergy Women

September 2010 Opinion: Climbing the Ladder

May 2010: Opinion: Singleness

February 2009 Sermon: When the Heavens Had to Shout (Matthew 17:1-9)

Devotional Writer for various sites including:

D365.org via Passport, Inc.

Journey to the Cross, Lenten Devotions

Blogger for Associated Baptist Press, various posts.

One Comment to “Elizabeth’s Publications Elsewhere”

  1. Delighted to find your church and ministry. I know this is cold turkey but it is how I maintain an income. I grew up in the SBC and now represent the more progressive side. I work as an independent missionary on loan to an Evangelical University in Leuven, Belgium. Although fully accredited by the EU and receiving some government funds, such a school depends on missionary help to maintain a BA, MA, and PhD curriculum. In short I teach theology (OT emphasis) with a mission of making similar emphases as your church does. I also perform in a Christian rock band. So I am wondering if there is the possibility of beginning a dialog about your missions program becoming part of my support team. My wife works for the US Embassy in Holland, which brings us to the DC area at times. I am originally from NC so my supporting churches are all in NC, SC, and TN. Sorry to come out of the blue like this but finding new supporters is just a matter of nothing ventured nothing gained as an independent. I have been in Europe for over 20 years so I ask this as a person with a proven ministry, who from this distance has to try and maintain support with a weak dollar against the euro. I wish you many blessings and hope we can speak further.

    Creig Marlowe
    http://www.etf.edu; http://www.4tune8.nl

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